Limited Edition Autographed Miles & Music For Kids Guitar For Auction

Now's your chance to bid on a special Fender Standard Telecaster Electric Guitar, created exclusively for Dierks Bentley's Miles & Music for Kids and autographed by the following celebrities: Dierks Bentley Jack Ingram Eli Young Band Stoney LaRue Roger Creager Brandon Rhyder Paul Overstreet Kristen Kelly of The Modern Day Drifters This Special Limited Edition Fender Standard Telecaster guitar is one of only two autographed by the artists who performed on the Dallas/Fort Worth Miles & Music for Kids event. It has been decorated with the Miles & Music for Kids logo and was autographed by all the performers at the fundraising concert @ Billy Bobís Texas on April 25, 2010. The second guitar was auctioned from the stage that day by Dierks for an impressive $7,000! The funds raised by the Dallas/Fort Worth Miles & Music for Kids event and this auction benefit the Miles & Music Foundation who will then donate the money to Cook Childrenís Medical Center in Fort Worth and Dallas Childrenís Medical Center. Click HERE to bid!