Dierks Bentley Takes New Music To Late Night Television Next Week

With every track on his daring new album UP ON THE RIDGE being praised by the nation’s top music critics, Dierks Bentley will treat television audiences to the debut of two new tracks on late night tv next week. The award-winning singer/songwriter will perform the aching ballad “Fallin’ For You” on the Late Show with David Letterman on Tues., July 27 and the poignant and romantic “Draw Me A Map” on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Wed., July 28. “A lot of times when you get invited to do these shows, you end up doing the same song over and over...usually whatever your current radio single is at the time. It’s really flattering that folks were listening and asking for deeper album cuts. I love being able to highlight as many of these songs as possible because I think they are all special.” Critical acclaim continues to roll in for UP ON THE RIDGE with Entertainment Weekly most recently highlighting “Bad Angel” as the sole country track on their 10-song “Perfect Summer Playlist.” Other artists making the short list include Maroon 5, Gaslight Anthem and The Roots.