LA Times & The Boston Globe Go UP ON THE RIDGE

From LA Times: It's a rarity for a mainstream country artist, especially in today's shaky music business, to mess with a formula that's been as successful as the one Dierks Bentley has been working since his 2003 single "What Was I Thinkin'" took him to the top of the country chart. But to talk to the 34-year-old singer, songwriter and guitarist from Phoenix about the turn he's taking with his new "Up on the Ridge" album, it's immediately apparent that he knew exactly what he was thinking in setting aside the breezy country-rock sound he's been so comfortable with in favor of a bluegrass-steeped collaboration with several of the world's finest acoustic instrumentalists... Read the rest at LATimes.com by clicking here.

From The Boston Globe: Somewhere between “Midnight Rider’’ and “All My Ex’s Live in Texas,’’ Dierks Bentley’s dreams come true. On a small-scale club tour to offer his fans a peek at his forthcoming bluegrass-accented album, “Up on the Ridge,’’ the country music star with the classic singer-songwriter skills and central-casting good looks was hopeful that fans who knew him only from his mainstream radio hits would be receptive to his new, stripped-back sound. Receptive would be an understatement... Read the rest at Boston.com by clicking here.