Dierks Joins Global Citizen Initiative

Dierks and the team are very proud to be taking a stand against extreme poverty all over the world by joining the Global Citizen initiative. Register today, make an impact, and earn points for a chance to win tickets to concerts in your town.

The brainchild of Kelly Curtis (manager of Pearl Jam and Eddie Vedder) in partnership with Global Poverty Project, Global Citizen Tickets is an initiative through which Artists are donating two guest list tickets to their concerts in order to reward social actions to benefit the world’s poor through GlobalCitizen.org.

After becoming a Global Citizen, take Actions on GlobalCitizen.org to earn points. These points are redeemable for Rewards such as tickets to concerts or other events. Actions include signing petitions, sharing via social media, writing letters to politicians or calling their offices about issues affecting the world’s poor.
Points are assigned to actions based on how much of an impact the action makes. For example, sharing a video on Facebook helps grow the movement, and gets one point. Signing a petition that helps demonstrate public support for a government or business action receives two points. Emailing a Senators office is an even higher threshold, and clearly demonstrates you care about an issue, so it's worth five points. And what we know is that when lots of citizens stand together and take action, our government and business leaders respond.

Winners will receive an email 2 - 4 days after the Prize Draw closing date. This email will request confirmation that the winner wants and is able to attend the concert they’ve won tickets for.
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